BLT-Web.jpgMen's Tefillin Club

Join us on the second Sunday of each month at 10:00am, to learn about Tefillin and how to wear them, and to recite a short prayer with them on. Then stay with us to schmooze over an informal, delicious, Kosher brunch. Bring along your burning questions about anything Jewish.

Tefillin are small black leather cubes, or boxes, containing parchment scrolls inscribed with the sacred Jewish prayer, the "Shema". Tefillin are worn on the arm and head during morning prayers. Tefillin Club is a monthly opportunity, for Jewish men and boys over the age of Bar-Mitzvah, to learn about, acquaint themselves with, and gain an appreciation for, the rich and enriching Jewish practice - the Mitzvah - of donning Tefillin.

It just takes a few'll feel inspired for the rest of your week.

No previous experience necessary. Tefillin are available if you don’t own a pair.

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To sponsor a Tefillin Club ($54):

If you would like to purchase a pair of Tefillin ($350) please email [email protected]