Mommy & Me


JSprouts is committed to supporting parents as they navigate through the various stages of raising a young family. Stay tuned for workshops with guest speakers to discuss parenting techniques, new educational approaches, or Jewish topics of interest, such as how to raise a proud Jewish child in the 21st century.

Parenting through a Jewish lens - a four-session course beginning in April.

Mom time, dad time

Stay tuned for periodic events geared towards... you! With all the attention on Baby, let's not forget about the parents. These will be get-togethers with like-minded parents who are going through the same exciting moments and challenges as you. A fantastic opportunity to share tips and tricks, find out the latest scoop on toddler advice, and most important; just chill with friends.


Are you or a friend you know an expectant or brand new parent? Let us know to receive a JSprouts welcome package! A little something from us to let you know that there is a community of moms and dads out there just like you who are beginning their journey.