Chabad Jewish Center of Petaluma is here to help you celebrate Passover



The first Seder is


We are offering a "Seder in a Box" - everything you need to have your own mini-seder at home.

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A complete kit to allow you to run your own mini Seder at home. Includes Matzah, Grape Juice, Seder Plate items, Kiddush cup, Haggadah, and an easy to read seder guide!

(dinner not included - To order a Seder dinner click  here)

Limited quantities available!


Virtual Seder How-To Tutorial
Join us on Sunday, April 5 at 6pm for a step by step on running your own Seder. Tune in at

Seder Join our family on Zoom
for a Seder warmup

April 8th, 6pm

We will set up our Seders together, talk about the Passover story, the four questions, and more. Then all you need to do is drink the four cups and eat your Matzah at nightfall.