Chocolate Gelt Factory!

Join JKC for a day of chocolate-coated amazingness at the Chanukah Gelt Factory! This event is a hands-on gelt making extravaganza featuring everyone’s favorite sweet-treat: chocolate.

Children learn about the origins of this delicacy as they try their hand at crushing cacao beans of their own. Then, using an “ancient” secret gelt recipe, participants get cooking as they mix, pour and wrap their own special chocolate coins.

The fun keeps going with a STEM inspired project, combining lights, wires and action. Children create their very own, light-up, LED menorah to hang in their car window, illuminating their streets in Jewish celebration and pride.

Jewish Kids Club (JKC) is a community of children aged 5-11, who unite each month for unforgettable events empowering them to tap into their talents and interests, while connecting to their own Jewish identity and impact.

Register for this fun-tastic event here.

Gelt Factory.jpg